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EXCITING NEWS! EXCITING NEWS! Proud Flower Branches Out!

EXCITING NEWS! EXCITING NEWS! Proud Flower Branches Out!


I am so excited to announce the launch of Proud Flower Studio!! PFS is a branch of the business that will focus on weddings.

I am partnering with my fabulous friend Jasmine Bigelow. She will be the owner-manager of Proud Flower Studio.  Jasmine will provide all wedding flower services on behalf of Proud Flower, and also offer event design and specialty rentals, as Proud Flower Studio.

I am over the moon to have Jasmine join the Proud Flower family. She is a creative soul, talented designer, and a resourceful, caring individual.  Jasmine’s talents are a fabulous fit for the floral business, and she’s the perfect person to be working with our customers and friends on their special celebrations.  After 10 years in business, as primarily a one-woman show,  I’m welcoming a savvy, smart, creative partner, and we will grow Proud Flower together!

Here's what my lovely friend has to say about our new adventure together:
“This is a dream for me,” says Bigelow, “Both to make celebrations come to life for people, and to collaborate with Nina.  I’ve known Nina for a long time, and I’ve always been impressed, not just with her incredible floral artistry, but also with her beloved reputation and positive relationships within the community.  That is really important to me in finding a business partner.”  

Proud Flower Studio will officially open on June 1st, at 80 South Main Street, in the space next to Proud Flower.  Jasmine is currently meeting with clients and booking dates.  Information can be found at proudflowerstudio.com

I will continue to make fabulous floral arrangements for shop walk-ins, deliveries, corporate weeklies, and events other than weddings.  Proud Flower also sells plants, gifts, cards, local art, and Nina’s husband Zebulon’s SugarTowne maple syrup.

Localfolk...please stop in soon to say hello and meet Jasmine. Let's give her a warm Waterbury welcome!

Plants add life to a home!!

Plants add life to a home!!
Green thumb? Want to have a green thumb? Thinking about bringing a little bit of outside into your home or workplace? Green and flowering House plants, Succulents, and Air Plants are a great way to add nature into your spaces. Plants are great for air quality too! Proud Flower has a large and lush selection of all types and sizes of house plants. Stop in soon and pick up a new friend today :) (I have a ton of house plants at home, and I do consider them friends...some are really old, healthy and beautiful!) nina

How to Best Care for your Flower Bouquet

How to Best Care for your Flower Bouquet

I hope you are enjoying a beautiful bouquet as you read this article. Here are some tips for caring for your flower bouquet that will help you to enjoy it as long as possible!  

  1. Add the flower food packet to fresh, tepid water in a clean vase or container.
  2. When arranging your bouquet, remove any extra leaves so that no leaves or debris are in the water.
  3. Change the water often, it should never look cloudy. The best way to do this is to place the vase under the tap and let the fresh water flush it out.
  4. If your bouquet is in floral foam, make sure the foam stays wet. Change this water often as well. Use the same method as noted above.
  5. You can re-cut the stems on an angle. Slicing with a sharp knife is best.
  6. Always remove the flowers and foliage that have passed.
  7. Keep your bouquet in a cool spot, out of direct sunlight, and away from all heat sources.