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Enjoy SugarTowne Wood-Fired Maple Syrup!

Sugarer Zebulon Towne supplies Proud Flower with his delicious wood-fired single source maple syrup. The 3500 tap Sugarbush is located on Nina’s and Zebulon’s land in Duxbury, Vermont.

Zebulon has been sugaring since he was a boy. He is an excellent sugarer and steward of the woods. Remarkably, he is a one-man operation! Caring for his sugar woods, clearing trees, splitting and stacking wood, cleaning and maintaining equipment and buildings is a year-round job! In the late winter, Zebulon is clearing lines, tapping trees, and preparing equipment in the sugarhouse for the first sap runs of the year! Feeding the fire, and boiling the sap on the evaporator is just one part of the sugarer’s job. Zebulon is an expert at walking the woods daily to make sure that any leaks or breaks in the lines are repaired to keep the sap flowing into the tanks. Canning up the “liquid gold” in all types of containers is a huge job in itself!  Sugaring is a labor of love and the end result is a delicious, nutritious, maple syrup for you to enjoy!